[REVIEW] Ed Sheeran’s Album x (Deluxe Edition)

x by Ed Sheeran, released  June 23, 2014

x by Ed Sheeran, released June 23, 2014

Ed Sheeran’s relatively new album is one of my favorite albums, ever. That means something, I bought his album because I liked all of his singles he has released-I don’t even buy whole albums. There is just something about this album and Ed’s voice, that I’ve been playing this whole album everyday for the past week! This album shows different sides and styles of Ed Sheeran. The music genuinely reflects his talent and the emotions he expresses.

Honestly, it took me a while to buy his new album because I contemplated whether I, stingy person that I am, would be wasting my money. Let me tell you that it was worth the $12.99 I paid on iTunes for it! I personally enjoy music that is popular, but doesn’t sound like dead-beat, repetitive club music. Don’t get me wrong, I love Katy Perry too. But after the fifth time I’ve heard her song on the same radio station in one day, I don’t like that song anymore. Ed Sheeran’s music doesn’t get radio overkill, but is still requested enough for me to go: “That’s my song!” Also, his music doesn’t sound like everyone else’s. Throughout this album, it sounds like Ed is right here in the room, playing acoustic and singing to me. His voice sounds that clear! His style is cool, relaxed but emotional; as if he is performing at your local coffee shop. This is what makes his voice so soothing and attractive to me.

Ed! My new favorite person.

Ed! My new favorite person.

One of my favorite songs!

One of my favorite songs!

Sheeran’s album illustrates a few different textures of his performing range. There are a few of his signature style songs, warm and sweet, such as “One”, “Photograph”, “Afire Love”, and “Thinking Out Loud.” But, he also tells of bittersweet memories in “Don’t”, “Nina”, “Runaway”, and “Even My Dad Does Sometimes.”  The most interesting part to me though, is when Ed Sheeran showcases his rap/hip-hop style in “The Man” and “Take It Back”. I think he makes it work; it’s not uncommon that songs have both rapping and pop sounding parts, and that’s exactly how he executes these songs. Sorry One Direction, but I think true talent is shown through a range of not only vocals, but styles of music. I love this album because, like my favorite dish Chicken Parmesan, it possesses warm but saucy layers of flavor.

I’ll admit that I haven’t even bought Ed Sheeran’s album +, so my opinion is just based on this album and the other singles that I have bought. I don’t think you should call yourself a fan if you’ve only heard two of their songs, but I will say that I am a fan of this album and I am really starting to like Ed Sheeran. I’ll probably be purchasing Ed’s older work pretty soon, and I will anticipate his future releases too. All because I liked this album so much. Ed Sheeran is just talented, especially for being young, and he isn’t like other male artists. Keep cranking em out Ed! 😉

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