Ignorance vs Arrogance: Rant

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I’ll apologize ahead of time, this is probably going to be an aggravated rant post. For the past few days I’ve been at work, I work in a concession stand– because I’m too young to get a real job, people have been ordering these huge orders and then give us a card to pay for it all. We don’t take anything but cash, and there is a large sign right next to the menu. Really? I’m repeating ‘sorry, we only take cash’ in my sleep. This is just a specific example of what really aggravates me: when people know better, but choose to still mess up.

My mother dearest, most of the time, doesn’t listen to what I’m saying to her fully and therefore gets some of the information wrong or doesn’t get the information at all. She is just so confident in what she is going to do before I tell her something she probably needs to know, she brushes me off and then blames me when she messes up. Also, I don’t like it when people don’t tell me exactly what they wanted and then get mad about it. Don’t tell me ‘oh you know what I want’, ‘the usual’, or ‘that thing’. I don’t know what you want, I can’t read your mind. I can guess that you want what you usually get every time, but I say it’s a new day- you may want something new. So, please don’t get rude with me when I’m trying to clarify so everyone is happy.

It’s one thing if you are ignorant, you don’t know any better. I’m okay with that, I don’t know everything either. I am the type of person that will teach you how to properly handle whatever it is that you can’t do. Someone has to show you how to do almost everything before doing it for the first time yourself, someone had to show you how to walk and how to drive right? I am perfectly fine with being naive about something, I’ll teach you how to do it right. Now whether you choose to do it correctly is up to you, and this leads to the part that annoys me.

When you know perfectly well that you are in the wrong, but you continue on that way because you’re too lazy or think that you won’t be reprimanded, that is not cool. What are you teaching the people who look up to you? And what about the people who stand behind you and have to clean up your messes? Because I’m one of those people, it pisses me off when I have to compensate for the corners that you cut. Because it will get done, whether you do it or I have to. There is no free lunch, as my grandfather would say, somebody’s got to pay for it.

I am not the type of person to let everyone else run all over me either, even though I’m nice and will accommodate to anyone before myself. I always say thank you and excuse me, and I will be glad to help you out with anything if it makes your life a little easier. But, I’m not your nanny, and I will not be doing your job for you. I don’t just mean in the workplace, I also mean at home or anywhere else applicable to this. I believe in a team effort, and not just a one man band and everyone else gets a free ride. As a team, things are done more efficiently and stress levels are reduced as long as there is good communication. Who wouldn’t be happy about working alongside people you like in a almost stress-free environment that gets through the work quicker?

Alright, I’m done rambling for now. I don’t think I got too heated, but I did make a valid point. I would like anyone who has read and even liked my rant here to take the challenge to be an awesome cooperator. I’m sure everyone would appreciate that, and let others know that you appreciate what they have done every once in a while. I recently bought my parents a little $40 painting just to say ‘Hey, I appreciate you. For supporting me and granting me a good life so far.’ I don’t expect anything in return, and I usually don’t get anything in return, unfortunately. But, that’s okay because I like to think that one day all the good karma will have built up to give me something extraordinary. So why not wash those extra few dishes, buy a coworker a drink, or surprise someone who has taken good care of you with a present?

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