[REVIEW] Kim Kardashian May or May Not be Ruling My Life? (Kardashian Hollywood Game)

What is she wearing?! Who cares, she's making bank!

What is she wearing?! Who cares, she’s making bank!

So, Kim Kardashian has been my girl for the past week. I was looking for a new game in the App Store and stumbled upon the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, and downloaded it for free! I am not a fan of the Kardashians, mainly because I don’t really understand why they are famous. I downloaded the game just to see how dumb it was– I was pretty bored. A week later, I crave just one more energy to complete my appearance, I need 20,000 more followers! I never thought I would be so infatuated with this game that I would wake up at four in the morning to play for a few minutes.

I take it as a challenge to download and play the newest game that is blowing up completely for free. And so far I have been successful, but I am only a B-lister and all the cute clothes cost so many K-stars! I really am hooked on this game though! A minute ago I actually stopped writing this post to play for a couple of minutes..Ha ha! I, like many of all of you who are addicted to this game, find this other celebrity life so fulfilling! And I have a few reasons why.

  1. This is a gimmick to make money. You need a certain amount of energy to complete a date, photo shoot, or party no? Same thing with money to purchase lavish beach houses and mansions and the dang K-stars to get that beautiful dress. When we players run out of energy, it takes forever to wait for the energy to stockpile enough to do anything else! One time, before I found out about clicking bushes and signs for a little money, I was stuck in Beverly Hills because I literally had no cash to take the bus to work at So Chic! What the heck?! So, I’m going to spend my hard earned money on something that will give me satisfaction for five seconds until another problem arises?! Don’t think so, buddy. It’s all about having fun until the “free” part is revoked and your left either waiting or spending real dough, and waiting three hours until Simon calls me because I don’t have enough charm stars to blow takes me on an obsessive roller coaster ride!
  2. It’s real enough for us to imagine this must be what it’s like to be an actual celebrity. We all know that celebrities in real life have photo shoots and red carpet appearances, because they have to entertain us! Celebrities only make up about 1% of America’s population (I read that somewhere..), so almost none of us really knows what it is like to be a celebrity! We recognize the events, virtues, and personalities that the public holds to the celebrity generalization. Not every celebrity gets chewed out by another celebrity that goes viral, not all of them date around and have 22 different boyfriends within three years, and not every celebrity is a bitch to everyone! We just recognize certain instances with celebrities like these, and assume that this is what all celebrities’ lives are like. Ignorance is bliss in the terms of this game!

    Beverly Hills... That's where I want to be!

    Beverly Hills… That’s where I want to be!

  3. The classic concept of gratification. The one thing about this game is the concept that it engages you enough to believe that the avatar is really you. You get to dress however you like, down to makeup, hair, and accessories. Players love having that free reign of customization, I know I do. It’s also the little things like picking your own name that shows up on Willow Pape’s and Kim’s Twitter, and the Top Stars board. And it feels great when gaining a few thousand followers for all that hard work. It really is that gratifying, whether you realize it or not. This concept is the goldmine of video games, for example the Sims franchise. I’m addicted to the Sims, and if you think about it, the game never really changes. You customize a Sim or two, they get a job/have some sort of income, get raises, have kids, retire, and die. It’s the same cycle over and over again, but with each game developers tweak it just so it keeps our interest.

    We <3 customization! Or Kustomization..

    We ❤ customization kustomization! 

Wow, I wasn’t trying to make Kim Kardashian or the general public look bad or dumb or anything, that was just my analytic side coming out. I just had to stop and think about why this game is so popular and made so much money! Kim will probably make about $85 million in profits from this game, according to Forbes. So, I thought about why I liked the game so much. I genuinely like this game and I hope there are more like it. I’ll be a player as long as it doesn’t literally take over my life, and doesn’t suck my paycheck dry.

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