Sephora’s Awesome Deal?!

When I went to the mall last week, I somehow ended up in Sephora although I came for some new Converse. I was so surprised when I discovered this! I thought I would start searching for things I want for Christmas, and I need a new perfume. So, the “fragrance expert” referred me to these sample packages that I could buy. The one I bought was $58, and it has 8 perfume samples in it. That still seems pricey for a couple of samples doesn’t it? Hold up, you get a voucher for a free full-size bottle of the perfume you like out of the package! Isn’t that awesome? It’s one thing to spray it in the store, but to actually wear it throughout the day to see how well the perfume holds up before you “buy” it is so cool!

I have not opened it yet because I wanted to take a picture of it to show us guys first. I’m planning to post an update with a review of how I like each perfume and which one I’ll be “purchasing”!

Thanks for reading and your patience if you are interested in Sephora’s perfume deal here! Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend!20140817-132949-48589077.jpg

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