You are Be-You-tiful!!

The other day I was just minding my own business, standing near a couple of girls about my age. They were obviously talking about someone within sight, the way they were murmuring and attempting to be secretive. Talking about me? Wrong. As these girls approached me, I overheard one of them say, “I want to be her.” I turned around to see two pretty girls gawking at this other pretty girl. Now here’s my point: Since when are you not good enough?! That poor girl who is perfectly pretty, prettier than me at least!, thinks that she isn’t good enough because she doesn’t look like a model. I promise I’m not trying to be cliche here, but it’s always best to do what you feel is best for you.

I’ve had my share of experiences throughout my years of high school, of feeling like ‘Wow I look like crap today.’ or ‘I look like a freaking nerd because I have to carry these stupid textbooks.’ I’ve also had friends complain about, ‘Just look how pretty she is!’ and the collaborative ‘How come she has a boyfriend, and I don’t?!’ You know what?? You’re pretty too, not in the same way as her so you may not see it, but I do! I think anyone can be pretty, have you ever thought how attractive someone is when they laugh? Seriously, just smiling and laughing does make you more attractive! I can’t believe for a second that that girl I was standing near was so busy analyzing the girl she was idolizing, down to how she walks and talks! Why are you devoting so much time to imitating someone else, someone who you can never be?! Nobody can completely take on someone else’s identity, there is a reason why everyone looks different! All in all, you are just setting yourself up for failure if you try to be like someone else.

There is no shame in admiring how flowingly that maxi dress looks on her, and even wishing that you could have long legs like her. But, there is a line to cross to want and try to be someone else. I have learned myself that forming my own opinion instead of following what everybody else likes has made me into an individual. I learned not to be selfish (I actually volunteer on a weekly basis to remind myself not to be), but to take care of myself and my own needs, this includes my education. If you think it’s cool to party until dawn when you know fairly well that you have a huge test the next day and you didn’t even think twice before shutting out school, you are WRONG. How is partying going to help you live life? At least with an education you can qualify for a job that actually pays enough to live off of. Dropouts are not cool, don’t get me wrong if you are convinced that dropping out is best for you (Bill Gates dropped out of college!), if you do not have a set direction of how you are going to live your life. Very few of us young adults know what we are going to be doing exactly in 5 years, we haven’t thought as far as what we’re doing tomorrow.

Overall, my main message here is for you to do you. You know what is best for you, you know what you think, and don’t be afraid to express that. If people don’t respect that, don’t respect them and don’t take any insults or criticism to heart. Trust me, as soon as you settle out and are comfortable with how you think, what you like and don’t like, and what are your goals, you will appreciate two things: the person you have become, and that you took the time to take yourself out of stressful high school pressure and put yourself up on a pedestal, the pedestal with your name on it. You are beautiful, and you better believe it.


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