All I want

I can never find the right words to say
But these feelings I’m about to show
The things you do make me this way
Are you mad, deeply my heart needs to know

You never notice me anymore, never truly look at me
I wanna cower, hide some place away
All I want is to apologize, can’t you see?
What do I need to say to make you stay?

I’m so scared, out of my mind
All I want is to see you smile
Before long, I’ll cry myself blind
What can I do to numb the pain at least for a while?

I wish you to be there for me, like I would you
Revisit the moments I still haunt
Rely on each other to make it through
Experience our old friendship too
Why I still write about the past, I haven’t a clue
I wish for you to forgive me, that’s all I want.

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