I want to post cooking tutorials!

I really want some meatballs today!

I really want some meatballs today!

I love to eat. There, I said it! If I could find the motivation to cook and clean all the dirty dishes afterwards, I’d be cooking right now. Seriously, I do enjoy baking whenever I do bake, but I don’t do it often at all because I’m too lazy! And I hate to clean dishes, too. But, I’ve been hungry alot today and I’ve been wanting to make something all week. :p

So, I want to make something and post a picture of it on here! I made an awesome zucchini bread one time, it was good. And pretty! I also feel like there isn’t a whole lot of cooking blogs or channels on Youtube. Maybe one day, I’ll learn how to cook and I’ll make a blog or a channel for you guys! But for now, I just want to make something every now and then and post it!

Wow, I just ate before I started typing this and now I’m hungry again! Nom nom nom nom. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should make?!? Thanks for replying! Have an amazing weekend!!

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