A Little Sample of A Potential Short Story?!

The cool, silky sheets feel like a godsend on Brooklyn’s legs. She sighed as she sunk into the fort of pillows, hoping fantastic dreams awaited. Wait! Her eyes broke open and she blindly reached out into the darkness. She forgot to plug-in her iPhone. Her phone illuminated the round glass-top bedside table. 3:35 AM. Another unproductive day, she and Mason had thought they obtained a lead. Mason was extraordinary at his research, and he was almost always right. But, he hadn’t been this time. Brooklyn worried about him, what was he to do when they actually located the murderer? Under most circumstances Mason was a level-headed guy, he surprisingly never got aggravated with people. But with this he held a grudge, and he would do anything to protect Brooklyn. Her last defeating thought before sleep obstructed illustrated Mason with a startling, grinning expression that made his deep eyes look demented, then one word bled through the image: revenge.

Hey guys, this is a mini preview of a short story I would like to write. I sort of got the plot ironed out, and I got most, if not all my characters (there aren’t that many). Any constructive criticism would be phenomenal, and tell me if you’d like: Would you read this story (assuming it isn’t terribly long! I don’t have that much patience.)? Thank you, and hope you have a good weekend! 🙂

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