Why I don’t wanna get married

1. I don’t want to share a bed all the time!

2. I don’t want someone to tell me what to do or where I should go.

3. I don’t like guys that get too clingy. For real though, get out of my face so I can breathe.

4. Sharing a bathroom. Ugh.

5. I feel that my feelings change often. I really don’t want to break hearts.

6. I would probably feel obligated to keep him satisfied, but much less to my happiness.

7. Splitting money, a house, car payments.

8. The subject of children are bound to come up.

9. I don’t want him to degrade me, or ignore that I should be given just as much credit as him for doing the same thing.

10. Washing his dirty laundry. Or having to cook for him all the time.

He is beautiful!

He is beautiful!

I am enjoying the single life right now, but I am open to a relationship. I know I don’t want to be alone forever it’s just that marriage is just such a big commitment and I don’t know if I ever want to commit. Maybe I’m just naive, or maybe just stubborn. Is anybody else with me?!

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