My Ridiculous Bucket List (#1-10)

So, I am doing the Blog Event Silly Bucket List Sundays! This sounded really fun when I found it for Blogging 101, so I am going to do it and I’ll put a link to the home page. This is an event where you post 10 things to your bucket list that are highly unlikely to happen every Sunday, if you want.

  1. Be on my school’s dance team. (This is impossible since I’m a senior in high school. I can’t try out for next year! Plus, I don’t even know how to dance.)
  2. Attend Princeton University.
  3. Meet the Walking Dead cast.
  4. Meet my ancestors from like, centuries ago. I wanna see how they talk. (Actually they probably wouldn’t speak English as I am Polish and French.)
  5. Be a Victoria’s Secret Angel.
  6. Meet Tyler Oakley.
  7. Invent a teleportation device. I or anyone else, will never be late again.
  8. Be able to go into the Sims games. Or inside any video game for that matter.
  9. Live out of my car and just leisurely drive around the country.
  10. Take care of all the homeless people. (Ah, look at all the lonely people.)

6 thoughts on “My Ridiculous Bucket List (#1-10)

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  3. That is awesome, I particularly like the talk to your ancestors. That would be awesome. I’m Irish and Scottish, prob be easier to learn Polish and French than ancient Gaelic. My tongue is tied in knows just thinking about it!


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