Laci Green on Sam Pepper and other Youtuber’s Assaults

Laci Green is a Youtuber that talks about relationships, self-esteem, sex, and sexual consent. If you don’t already know about Sam Pepper, he posted a video on Youtube where he grabs women’s butts, handcuffs them to him until they kiss him, etc. This isn’t right, at all! I’m not jumping on a bandwagon here, I’m not complaining because it’s just about women or men are being pigs. It’s not humane for anybody to be assaulting anyone else. I have been a follower of Laci Green for sometime now because I agree with what she says! If it were women were sexually assaulting men, I still wouldn’t stand for it because every human deserves his or her right to say “no, don’t touch me.” Women can be rapist and assault men or other women, too. But, to post a video on Youtube for people to watch and laugh at other people’s dismay, or to even reenact what these videos do. It’s not right and not acceptable! I have been bullied by men to touch them or let them touch me or kiss me. I know what it’s like, and I’m not going to stand for it happening to someone else. For some people, it may not seem like a big deal, but for me it made me scared of them and scared to trust any other guy. I still have trouble with this to this day. I just have to say that something should be done about bullying women in general. I know I will act myself if I see another girl being intimidated or even assaulted by a guy.

Here’s Laci’s video:

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