Hello?! I’m speaking.

I think it’s so rude when you are talking to a person or a group and they don’t even listen to you. Like, hello, can you get your head out of your ass- it’s not a hat. This is one of the reasons I’m done with high school. I truly hope the real world will have more respectful and humble people.

I’m not trying to be conceited or anything, but I genuinely think that I am a courteous, honest, and selfless person. Sure I can be rude and selfish every now and then, but in general I hold doors to let people walk ahead of me and I am the first to volunteer for a service project, for example. No, I do not do it for self-gratification or bragging rights. I do it for the cause and the happiness it will bring to the less fortune or even someone who just had a bad day. Everybody should try to help somebody else every now and then.

Now, let me make the point that a few people do not know how friendship works. I have a friend in particular who is pretty selfish in general, but he never does anything for me! Two years after being friends, he stills owes me $15 and multiple lunches. I bought him a Christmas present once, and deodorant (I even brought it to him) when he couldn’t leave school but forgot his. I even got him a weekend job. I do so much for him, and he has done nothing for me in return. I never get invited to his parties, and he never gives me anything. I’m done with his shit. Friendship is a two-way street, buddy. You don’t know how friendship works at 18 years old, and that’s sad.

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