My Ridiculous Bucket List (#11-20)

Sorry I didn’t do a list last week!!







11. Obtain a Lamborghini.

12. Obtain and learn to play a didgeridoo.

13. Be high consistently for an entire week.

14. Publish a novel or a collection of my poems!

15. Have an IQ of at least 140.

16. Become 5’9″. Currently 5’6″. It’s possible right, if I use that thing they pull taffy on.

17. Be Katy Perry for a day. While she’s on tour. I don’t think I could handle her stress or drama longer than that.

18. Attend a concert. I’ve never been to one!

19. Have as many followers as Zoella’s blog does. Which I’m sure is an enormous number!

20. Travel back in time to eighth grade to tell that one guy that I did want to date instead of denying that I liked him. :/

Catch the next bucket list next Sunday! Check out the first part of the bucket list here.


One thought on “My Ridiculous Bucket List (#11-20)

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