My Ridiculous Bucket List (#21-30)

What up?! How’s your weekend been? I’ve had a great week, hope you have too!!

1. Have a guy play and sing to me outside my window John Cusack style. Preferrably singing Coldplay or John Mayer and playing acoustic (those will score you some points if you know what I mean), but anything will work.

Who doesn't want that?!

Who doesn’t want that?!

2. Recieve multiple bouquets of flowers for my birthday, or Valentine’s Day if it becomes that I have a valentine. I never get flowers, and I like them! They really liven up a room!

3. Be able to eat all the sweets I wanted and never, ever gain a pound.

4. Speaking of sweets, be able to live in a house made of chocolate that was completely edible, but would never melt.

5. Meet Derek Jeter, or heck, and baseball player just to slap their butt. I ❤ baseball pants.

6. Go crowd surfing!

7. Go through as many boyfriends as Taylor Swift does/did. Just to see what it would be like.

8. I would like to visit India. That would be cool to see their culture and architecture.

9. Stay in a “haunted” house for an entire night. There’s one about 40 miles from here. That would be some shit, scary shit.

Oh, hell no.

Oh, hell no.

10. Be a size 3 for once.

Be sure to check out my list every Sunday! Join in on making your own if you’d like! Check out last week’s list here.


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