You be judging

I’m done with you
And your superfical shit
Judging rules your world
And I’m not going listen to it anymore

You literally judge me
Every single day
And always have something to say
About what’s wrong with everybody else

Why can’t you just leave it alone?
Let that kid be weird
At least he’s being himself
Kinda like how you aren’t

You’re jealous that’s why
You think by hiding your flaws
You will look better than everyone else
Well, guess what?

You are no different than everybody else!
You fuck up too, and you have thumbs of
Two different lengths
You are no better than everybody else, in fact you’re probably worse.

You can stay in high school, little bitch
Because that is exactly what you act like
Real people forgive those who offend us
Except when it’s a recurring problem like this

Watch your scathing words
Because they might come back and cut you
You just mad because I’m just a little better than you, through and through
But I sincerely mean it when I say “Fuck you.” đŸ˜‰

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