My Ridiculous Bucket List (#41-50)

Hey guys, what’s up?! I have a feeling today’s bucket list it going to be funny 🙂

41. Take a hot bath with Ryan Gosling.

42. Win an eating contest.

43. Eat chicken and waffles every day for breakfast. ❤

44. Go back in time and meet the Spartans.

45. Sculpt something that will be in an art museum.

46. Try ecstasy. But I can’t seem to find Molly..

47. Have a perfect hair day.

48. Have a awkward-free first date.

49. Climb a mountain!

50. Keep eating for forever and not ever be full, or fat.

Oh my goodness, I have listed 50 things on my bucket list! Too bad none of these will ever happen. I just noticed that I talk about food alot. I ❤ food. Check out last week’s bucket list here! Have a good one!


One thought on “My Ridiculous Bucket List (#41-50)

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