Sims 4 Tips!!

I grew up playing The Sims, so you know I was super stoked about the release of The Sims 4! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the game right when it was released and then I had this entire post written before my computer shut down and didn’t save it. So, I apologize for my super belated Sims 4 tips, and this post will probably be a work in progress as time goes by and expansion packs are released (yay!). Also, I have screenshots to upload on here but I am currently having trouble with updating my game so I can’t launch the game. I’ll be adding those later as well. Anywho, please enjoy some pointers that I take advantage of.

  1. Create a Sim that is the opposite of your personality.
    This may seem a little off, why would it matter if my sims have a similar personality as me? To create a sim similar to the player’s personality, this is the recipe to boredom burnout. Sure, it’s cool to see what you’d be like as a sim at first, but for long-term play the same personalities over and over again get old. Plus, I really enjoyed when I created a sim that was physically driven and socially driven, two things that I am not.

    She loves to dance. I don't like to dance, when people are watching.

    She loves to dance. I don’t like to dance, when people are watching.

  2. If possible, save your money to buy nicer furniture.
    Everyone has to start out taking cold showers, eating burnt food, and watching crappy cable. But, if the piece of furniture you are buying has nicer options you can’t afford, consider putting the purchase on hold. It may be worth it to purchase the nicer item when it comes to TVs, couches, and other non-essentials for more comfort, environment (which will give sims a Nicely Decorated Happy moodlet), and nicer quality things tend to break far less often.
  3. Don’t Ignore Whims, Use them to tell a story.
    Do you ever get bored in The Sims and lose track of where the story of your sims unfold? Why not use your sim’s wishes as a guide map? In the Sims 4, your sims have moods that affect their wants (whims). And sometimes as a result, completed whims prolong their current mood. No matter what the whim is, there are points to earn in which you can buy some satisfactory rewards with. Can’t beat those game-changers.
  4. Always multitask.
    So a new feature in The Sims 4 is multitasking, and I love it and will never go back to earlier versions because of this. Your sims will talk with each other while eating, watching TV together, sitting at the bar, or even while on the computer. Your sims will also play on their phone while watching TV or sitting on the toilet (how realistic is that?!). My

    Sitting on the toilet..

    Sitting on the toilet..

    sim also likes to use the toilet while reading a book. All crap aside, pun intended, why not kill two birds in one stone? Fill up two needs at the same time, that’s what I call convenient.

  5. Still bored with The Sims 4?
    Check out forums on the internet like Mod The Sims for Sims 4 challenges. If you don’t know what a Sims challenge is, it is basically where someone posts a game or challenge with rules and regulations that they made up and you can play with it in The Sims games. That means that it may not have any set rules or a lot of set rules, and the challenges may or may not include cheats. I even linked the Sims 4 challenges Mod the Sims to Mod the Sims for you, you’re welcome. 🙂
  6. Take advantage of the updates and the free content!
    EA has released updates that added pools and new careers to the Sims 4! Yay!! Most of the time Origin will automatically update your game for you, but make sure by right-clicking on The Sims 4 while in “My Games” in Origin, then select “Check for Updates”. Also, EA has released The Holiday Celebration Pack for free that you can download for new furniture such as wreaths, Christmas trees, and a Hanukkah menorah! It also comes with some

    Just a few of the holiday decorations. Holiday tree, wreath, and garland.

    Just a few of the holiday decorations. Holiday tree, wreath, and garland.

    cute sweaters for your sims to wear!! How great is that?! You can also download this from Origin, I right-clicked my game, then clicked “View Game Details”. The Holiday Celebration Pack should show up under “Add-ons & Bonuses” and give you the option to download.


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