My Ridiculous Bucket List Is Back! (#61-70)

61. Be able to go shopping and fit perfectly in all the clothes I try on.

62. Try the human volcano thing with Mentos and Diet Coke.

Imagine what that would be like in your mouth.

Imagine what that would be like in your mouth.

63. Compete with a friend in eating homemade cookies. Christmas cookies or chocolate chip preferably.

64. Own every book I’ve ever read. I want a library in my house.

65. Start an annual cook-off or something like that in my city.

66. Make a huge mosaic of myself. Like, at least ten feet tall.

67. Do 600 squats in one sitting. I can get through about 60 if I break it into tens as of now.

68. Get a piggy back ride from Shaq. Wwwweeeeee!

69. Be an extra and maybe meet the cast on The Big Bang Theory.

Oh, yes.

Oh, yes.

70. Meet Connor Franta. I love him even more now that he came out publicly. I’m so proud he’s being himself! ❤

As usual, click here if you’re bored to see last week’s list. I’ll see you next time. Until then, stay sexy 😉


My Ridiculous Bucket List (#51-60)

I hope you all had a great Turkey Day, and it’s time for another Bucket List!

51. Pants someone I really hate in front of thousands of people. Yep, I’ve already got someone in mind.

52. Become a famous DJ!

53. Blog about my University, when I get there.

54. Meet Elvis Presley. I grew up listening to him.

55. Sleep for 3 years straight. No less, no more.

56. Be on one of those cooking competition shows and actually win. I love watching them, why can’t I win one?

57. Be able to speak enough Mandarin Chinese to confuse the hell out of some Chinese-Americans.

58. Have my own Batcave. 

59. Visit at least 50 different countries.

60. Be a guy for a day. That’s it. (If I Were A Boy….)

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all my followers, I have reached 70! That’s exciting! Thank you for taking the time to like and/or read my posts! I’m glad it’s more than just me! I am actually going to be coming out with some tips for the new Sims 4 game if not today then sometime this week for us gamers out there! Anyway, here’s

That smolder.

That smolder.

last week’s list if you’re bored.

My Ridiculous Bucket List (#41-50)

Hey guys, what’s up?! I have a feeling today’s bucket list it going to be funny 🙂

41. Take a hot bath with Ryan Gosling.

42. Win an eating contest.

43. Eat chicken and waffles every day for breakfast. ❤

44. Go back in time and meet the Spartans.

45. Sculpt something that will be in an art museum.

46. Try ecstasy. But I can’t seem to find Molly..

47. Have a perfect hair day.

48. Have a awkward-free first date.

49. Climb a mountain!

50. Keep eating for forever and not ever be full, or fat.

Oh my goodness, I have listed 50 things on my bucket list! Too bad none of these will ever happen. I just noticed that I talk about food alot. I ❤ food. Check out last week’s bucket list here! Have a good one!

My Ridiculous Bucket List (#31-40)

It’s been a long week, it seemed like my work was never going to end! However, I am in a pretty decent mood today! I seriously don’t mean to neglect my blog like I have been for the past few weeks, but I my work and family has been keeping me busy from 6 AM to 10 or 11 PM each day. I honestly can’t wait until I have some more free time to spend on here, I hope I have time this week! I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! ❤

31. Read 100 books in a year. Yes, I am a nerd and I think I really could do that if I set my mind to it. And if I didn’t get tired of reading.

32. Have no cares in the world for a little while. Life is a bowl of cherries, anyone? 😉

33. Meet Michelangelo. We have the same birthday, along with Shaq! But seriously, both of them are pretty amazing. I would like to pick Michelangelo’s brain.

34. Meet Shaq and give him a big, awkward hug. Enough said.

35. Have something named after me (i.e. a building, an organization. a disease…) :p

36. Never run out of ideas.

37. Never run out of motivation. I’m pretty lazy.

38. Play professional football. (Concussion? No thanks.)

39. Develop telekinesis.

40. Own at least ten different species for pets at the same time that are not reptiles, amphibians, or birds. No monkeys either.

I will probably make a category and a page dedicated to just My Ridiculous Bucket List, eventually! But for now, you can check out last week’s post here and each post will link to the one before.

My Ridiculous Bucket List (#21-30)

What up?! How’s your weekend been? I’ve had a great week, hope you have too!!

1. Have a guy play and sing to me outside my window John Cusack style. Preferrably singing Coldplay or John Mayer and playing acoustic (those will score you some points if you know what I mean), but anything will work.

Who doesn't want that?!

Who doesn’t want that?!

2. Recieve multiple bouquets of flowers for my birthday, or Valentine’s Day if it becomes that I have a valentine. I never get flowers, and I like them! They really liven up a room!

3. Be able to eat all the sweets I wanted and never, ever gain a pound.

4. Speaking of sweets, be able to live in a house made of chocolate that was completely edible, but would never melt.

5. Meet Derek Jeter, or heck, and baseball player just to slap their butt. I ❤ baseball pants.

6. Go crowd surfing!

7. Go through as many boyfriends as Taylor Swift does/did. Just to see what it would be like.

8. I would like to visit India. That would be cool to see their culture and architecture.

9. Stay in a “haunted” house for an entire night. There’s one about 40 miles from here. That would be some shit, scary shit.

Oh, hell no.

Oh, hell no.

10. Be a size 3 for once.

Be sure to check out my list every Sunday! Join in on making your own if you’d like! Check out last week’s list here.

My Ridiculous Bucket List (#11-20)

Sorry I didn’t do a list last week!!







11. Obtain a Lamborghini.

12. Obtain and learn to play a didgeridoo.

13. Be high consistently for an entire week.

14. Publish a novel or a collection of my poems!

15. Have an IQ of at least 140.

16. Become 5’9″. Currently 5’6″. It’s possible right, if I use that thing they pull taffy on.

17. Be Katy Perry for a day. While she’s on tour. I don’t think I could handle her stress or drama longer than that.

18. Attend a concert. I’ve never been to one!

19. Have as many followers as Zoella’s blog does. Which I’m sure is an enormous number!

20. Travel back in time to eighth grade to tell that one guy that I did want to date instead of denying that I liked him. :/

Catch the next bucket list next Sunday! Check out the first part of the bucket list here.


My Ridiculous Bucket List (#1-10)

So, I am doing the Blog Event Silly Bucket List Sundays! This sounded really fun when I found it for Blogging 101, so I am going to do it and I’ll put a link to the home page. This is an event where you post 10 things to your bucket list that are highly unlikely to happen every Sunday, if you want.

  1. Be on my school’s dance team. (This is impossible since I’m a senior in high school. I can’t try out for next year! Plus, I don’t even know how to dance.)
  2. Attend Princeton University.
  3. Meet the Walking Dead cast.
  4. Meet my ancestors from like, centuries ago. I wanna see how they talk. (Actually they probably wouldn’t speak English as I am Polish and French.)
  5. Be a Victoria’s Secret Angel.
  6. Meet Tyler Oakley.
  7. Invent a teleportation device. I or anyone else, will never be late again.
  8. Be able to go into the Sims games. Or inside any video game for that matter.
  9. Live out of my car and just leisurely drive around the country.
  10. Take care of all the homeless people. (Ah, look at all the lonely people.)