A Poisonous Death

It’s okay now, the cold set in
Endless nights with the bitter wind
She’ll be alright now
As Death leads her way

Sweetheart, put down your poison
Can’t you see this is the epitome
Of unhappiness and unfulfilled dreams
Toxicity builds from day to day

Slowly your insides grow evident
I’m not sure I can see you anymore
As a respectable person
Perhaps I linger in the past

Or maybe you deceive people
They believe you’re innocent
But now the revelation of truth
Forces you to bottle up your pride

Don’t worry, someone will care for you
The one who cannot refuse to accept
The one who welcomes poison
Tidings to The King of Decay


Faith, Peace, and Hope are Synonymous

I stand in a sea of human masses
To divert my mind, I made feeble passes
My heart is pieces of glass
But I must save this peace for last

Faith bores into our souls
Or so I’m told, I’m forced
To choose a side in a fight I don’t believe in
I don’t believe in much anymore

But hope is worth striving for
Dreams are to live for
For now I’ll sit silent, pondering choices I shall make
Our endeavors wait until we wake


Wonderful colors wash my face
Whenever you’re around
You’re eyes are the only ones
I can see my happiness

Singing out the melody
Of the day in
Keep me warm as the tides
And the sun fades

I reach for a touch
I need something tangible
I see you, and I’m reaching
But we’re just too far apart

And now the tides
Have come to stay
And I’m just drowning,
Drowning away

I wish that I could
Tell you that I need you
But maybe you
Wouldn’t care anyway

I’m just drowning
In my own agony,
But perhaps one day
We will meet on the same wavelength.

You be judging

I’m done with you
And your superfical shit
Judging rules your world
And I’m not going listen to it anymore

You literally judge me
Every single day
And always have something to say
About what’s wrong with everybody else

Why can’t you just leave it alone?
Let that kid be weird
At least he’s being himself
Kinda like how you aren’t

You’re jealous that’s why
You think by hiding your flaws
You will look better than everyone else
Well, guess what?

You are no different than everybody else!
You fuck up too, and you have thumbs of
Two different lengths
You are no better than everybody else, in fact you’re probably worse.

You can stay in high school, little bitch
Because that is exactly what you act like
Real people forgive those who offend us
Except when it’s a recurring problem like this

Watch your scathing words
Because they might come back and cut you
You just mad because I’m just a little better than you, through and through
But I sincerely mean it when I say “Fuck you.” 😉

This moment

I sense sparks rush throught my veins
As we dance to music that doesn’t play
I hideaway everyday
But I keep our moments on replay

My heart beats faster than time
Is it you or the whirlwind colors wrapping us closer
Your hands, eyes, and lips find mine
My breath catches

As I decide as nights grow colder
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
And I would never trade this moment
If only I could keep living this moment


Another sunrise
I wake up, everything’s a blur
Gotta sheild my eyes
There’s nothing to infer

Go about your day
Don’t worry about me
Just another game to play
One day I’ll make you see

Just how it is a moment in my life
Pushing through, always smiling
Slashing through like a silent knife
Conscious flaws forever piling

Sometimes I’m better off dying
Then I figure I’m lying
No one has my heart
I’m slowly slipping apart

The moment you can’t cry
The moment your breath catches inside
I can’t find out why I can’t say goodbye
Or even hello

Even as the day turns to night
The end of the hall bathes in light
People never change, dear
I wish I may, I wish I might.