My Favorite Young Up-And-Coming Artists of the Year!

Martin Garrix looking fresh.

Martin Garrix looking fresh.

Shawn Mendes. BTW, I think they're all cute, even if he's a year younger than me :)

Shawn Mendes. BTW, I think they’re all cute, even if this one’s a year younger than me ūüôā

I have three guys in mind that I wanted to post about because I have been loving their music! These artists you may have heard of, they’re gaining popularity super quickly! These teenage artists have made their break and I am sincerely impressed: Martin Garrix (18), Troye Sivan (19), and Shawn Mendes (16)! I included these guys ages because they are around my age and I just couldn’t imagine being in their shoes, especially at their level of talent. I know, some of you are probably rolling your eyes thinking ‘Another Justin Bieber or One Direction’ type of thing. But my argument is that their music is different from most other pop music, they are telling a story applicable to everyone’s lives through their music. I actually am not a fan of Justin Bieber or One Direction, I get their songs stuck in my head (but who can blame me after the 1,000th time its been played), but I don’t genuinely enjoy their music.

Troye Sivan (probably from a few years ago)

Troye Sivan (probably from a few years ago)

I love these boys voices, and Martin’s DJing since that’s more of what he does. I have listened to both Troye’s EP “TRXYE” and Shawn’s EP “The Shawn Mendes EP” on repeat, especially tracks “Happy Little Pill” and “Life of the Party”. I believe these guys can actually sing. Troye has a YouTube channel (that I subscribe to and love), but I’m not sure if Shawn does. Shawn Mendes’ “Life of the Party” actually reminds me of Gavin McGraw’s “Not Over You”, which is a good song and artist! I haven’t given Martin Garrix as much love because I honestly haven’t delved¬†into his music too much more besides “Animals”. I included him in this post not only because I do look forward to him releasing more music, but because I see the potential in all three of these guys and they are all in the same age group. Our generation is growing up, and no matter what anyone else may say, we have talent, aspirations, and ambition. I’m so proud of us ’90’s kids. ‚̧

If you haven’t heard their music but are curious: you can find each on iTunes or I like to listen to the full EPs on YouTube!


That Perfume though?! [PERFUME REVIEW]

All eight samples.. aren't they cute?!

All eight samples.. aren’t they cute?!

Hey guys, so I bought the perfume sampler pack Bottled Dreams from Sephora about a month and a half ago and I’m just now getting around to reviewing it! I sampled all the perfumes multiple times so I could give a good review for you guys! Bottled Dreams came with eight perfume samples and a coupon to purchase one of the perfumes in the box that you like! The whole thing was $58, but that is for the coupon to purchase a full-sized bottle without any extra cost. So, not only do you get 8 free samples but you get a trial and error to be sure that you buy the one that¬†you love!¬†Isn’t that so cool?! Anyway, I divided the eight perfumes into three different groups: the ones that seem too old for me, musky or sort of bold ones, and the light and airy ones. So without further ado, let’s get to the perfumes!

Group #1: Too old for me.¬†I am a seventeen year old girl, and I am told that I look a little older as it is so I definitely don’t want to dress or smell like someone older. I want to embrace my youth! But don’t get me wrong. none of these perfumes were bad, I actually like these scents. There just not for me.

  • Gucci “Guilty”: At first, I couldn’t decide if there was glitter in this and I still don’t know! None of the sample bottles spray, so you have to dab it on your skin and it made my skin glitter the first time but not any other times! Anyway, this perfume reminds me of the classic smell of Gucci. All Gucci perfumes kinda smell alike to me. Not a bad scent at all for a women. The booklet this package came with states that it has scents of pink pepper and mandarin. Also, this perfume did last on my skin all day when I put enough. Even through humidity and my sweat!
  • Elizabeth and James “Nirvana Black”: The Nirvanas actually come as a rollerball, so brownie point for them! This perfume is probably my least favorite out of all the perfumes though. It reminds me of something my grandma would wear, it has that aroma of old, but classy, ladies. Apparently, my grandma would wear some violet, sandalwood, and vanilla. This perfume did last, to my annoyance, almost all day.
  • Elizabeth and James “Nirvana White”: This is my favorite of the group. It is definitely lighter than Nirvana black and more feminine. I like it, it has that girly smell to it with a good amount of musk. This perfume stuck with me at least half the day, but I don’t remember exactly. It contains peony, chic muguet, and musk.

Group #2: Feminine with a little Musk. This was my favorite group of perfumes, and I think it was down to just these two and one other to decide which I want to buy. I like these perfumes, and I feel like these are appropriate for my age to ladies in their twenties! Both of these were a little bit harder to smell on me after a while, unless you put your nose right up on the application sight. But, it might also be because I could only dab it on my wrists.

  • Burberry “Body Tender”: I really like this scent. It is sweet but not so sweet to give you a headache or make you sneeze. When you first smell it, it just smells soft and feminine until¬†bam- musk.¬†I did sort of enjoy that surprise but I think I would get tired of smelling that all the time, personally. It has lemon, apple, English rose, white jasmine and sandalwood on the feminine side. On the other hand, cashmeran, amber, and musk give it that¬†umph.
  • Bvlgari “Omnia Crystalline”: Love this scent. It is like a cool, feminine scent. A balance between sweet and musk, and I also smell something familiar in there. A favorite of mine now. The book says it contains bamboo nashi pear followed by lotus blossom and balsa wood. It’s so me, adventurous and maybe a little bold, and it is also slightly offbeat.

Group #3: Light and airy. Aaahhhh.¬†Smell that? Nice and freshly washed laundry. Just kidding I’ve been wearing this shirt for three days I just douse it in one of these perfumes and it smells fresh all over again! Lol, for real though, these perfumes are like when you just a bouquet of flowers and you just keep smelling them over and over again. These perfumes would be ideal for the summer outdoors, not smothered under layers of clothes because the scent carries through the air better and aren’t as heavy as other perfumes.

  • Juice Couture “Viva La Juicy La Fleur”: As a fan of the original “Viva La Juicy” this was the perfume I was most excited about. I was not disappointed, it goes right in line with “Viva La Juicy”! I think it’s a great addition to the line, I think it might even be better than the original. It smells just like “Viva La Juicy”, young and sweet, but with a little extra floral note. Perfect name for it, great addition to the line. This feels like the perfume that should appeal to this youngest women, around my age or a little younger. It has vanilla, caramel, wild berries, mandarin, honeysuckle, gardenia, jasmine, and sandalwood.
  • Lancome “La vie est belle”: If you couldn’t tell by the name, this is the¬†most¬†feminine and posh perfume in this box, perhaps out of all the perfumes I’ve ever smelt, minus Chanel No. 5. It smells sweet, but it is so light you are searching for a heavier smell, but it only gets lighter. This one had the potential to give me a headache, but it didn’t though the smells of it were just annoying for me after a few hours. I felt like I had a ballerina following me or something. It has iris pallida, patchouli, orange blossom, jasmine, and a gourmand blend. If you like sweet and flowery combinations, go for it, but it was just too flowery for me.
  • Balenciaga “Florabotanica”: This one was super interesting to me. Its like flowers, but it has a strong alcohol-like backbite to it, but I like it. I love the name too, rolls off the tongue. It has an appropriate name and bottle, blunt but true and cute. In fact, the book only lists two notes: turkish rose with hemp and vetiver roots. I love how this perfume is endorsed by Kristen Stewart too. Normally I don’t like her, but she is not an over-the-top celebrity and this isn’t an over-the-top perfume. Perfect name, perfect bottle, perfect rep. A new favorite.

Alright, I think this post is long enough! So I’ll make this short: my favorites were “Florabotanica”, “Body Tender”, and “Omnia Crystalline”. I also really liked the “Viva La Juicy La Fleur” but I decided I didn’t want to purchase that considering that I still have some “Viva La Juicy” I haven’t used up yet. Now which one is my favorite? I think “Florabotanica” is super cool but I would get tired of it after a while, and “Omnia Crystalline” actually reminds me of the scent in my best friend’s house. Told you I smelt something familiar. So, I think I will be purchasing (with my handy-dandy coupon) Burberry’s “Body Tender”! Thanks for reading guys, and have an awesome rest of the weekend! :p

Sephora’s Awesome Deal?!

When I went to the mall last week, I somehow ended up in Sephora although I came for some new Converse. I was so surprised when I discovered this! I thought I would start searching for things I want for Christmas, and I need¬†a new perfume. So, the “fragrance expert” referred me to these sample packages that I could buy. The one I bought was $58, and it has 8 perfume samples in it. That still seems pricey for a couple of samples doesn’t it? Hold up, you get a voucher for a¬†free¬†full-size bottle of the perfume you like out of the package! Isn’t that awesome? It’s one thing to spray it in the store, but to actually wear it throughout the day to see how well the perfume holds up before you “buy” it is so cool!

I have not opened it yet because I wanted to take a picture of it to show us guys first. I’m planning to post an update with a review of how I like each perfume and which one I’ll be “purchasing”!

Thanks for reading and your patience if you are interested in Sephora’s perfume deal here! Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend!20140817-132949-48589077.jpg

DSW and Ulta Shopping! [Mini Haul]

So, one day I was bored and decided I needed some new makeup before heading back to school, so I headed over to Ulta! Ulta is probably my favorite makeup store, I like Sephora, but the ambiance matters to me– and I like Ulta’s more spacious feel. I know, I’m strange. Anyways, I made my usual makeup purchases, but a few products caught my eye. I decided I would buy these products and show them to everyone!

First, I had previously bought St. Tropez’s Bronzing Mousse and was curious if there were any of their other products. I was not disappointed! I discovered this gradual tan lotion, and so far I am appreciating it! The way I’ve been using it is putting on the mousse one day after a shower, and then after my next shower applying this. It seems to withhold the tan, like it isn’t washing off in the shower! And it does not make me look orange, it looks natural. But, I would recommend applying this with a mitt because the first time, I didn’t and my palm¬†was way darker than the upper side of my hand! Also, this lotion does go on pretty smooth. The only downside to this product is that the smell is a little overpowering for the first few hours after applying, but after I slept a night I didn’t seem to smell like fake tanner anymore. Overall, I think it’s worth it if you are super pale like I am!

St. Tropez Tanning Lotion, $30 Ulta

St. Tropez Tanning Lotion, $30 Ulta

Next, I thought it was about time to purchase some new eyeshadow. I love the one palette I own, Naked 2 by Urban Decay, but I needed some new colors! So, I got these little trios from Smashbox, another line that I really like, for $28 each! As you can see, I have not tried them yet,

A few darker blue tones to match my blue eyes, and some light pinks and brown.

A few darker blue tones to match my blue eyes, and some light pinks and brown.

but I have a good feeling that these are going to be good quality! Once, I got a little gift tube of Smashbox mascara from Ulta, and I loved it! I also own some blush from them that applies so well, not too much or too little.

Lastly from Ulta I bought a sleeping mask!¬†Are you tired?¬†you ask. Yes, I am actually at the moment because I often don’t sleep completely through the night. I am trying to see what is the exact reason I cannot sleep, as this has been going on for quite some time now, and slowly eliminating different variables: too much light, caffeine, TV and phones before bed. At Ulta I had a choice of a few cheaper masks and the more expensive masks by Earth Therapeutics. I just went with this simple and cute one for a few dollars, and I’ll see how it works!

$3-4, Ulta

$3-4, Ulta

A shoe lover cannot simply visit Ulta knowing that DSW is next door, and not also visit DSW! So, of course, I entered at my own risk. I did well, I only bought two pairs of shoes and an infinity scarf! DSW is transitioning into their fall selections so now they are bringing out more boots and scarfs and less sandals! Everything I bought, somehow managed to be Steve Madden! I love Steven Madden! Check these out!

Steven Madden, $40 at DSW

Steven Madden, $40 at DSW

Aren’t these just adorable?! These are my first pair of booties! I was never much of a boot person, but these won me over!




I needed another pair of sandals and I just couldn’t resist these! My favorite pair broke(they weren’t Steve Madden’s!), I hope these won’t break anytime soon.

Steven Madden, $40 at DSW

Steven Madden, $40 at DSWimage

This infinity scarf will go with anything!

Steven Madden, $20 at DSW

Let me know if you’ve tried and purchased any of these, and if you like the product! Was it worth the amount of money you spent? Pros and Cons?? I had a fun day shopping. This girl is always happy when she is shopping, nobody could rain on my shopping parade!

[REVIEW] Kim Kardashian May or May Not be Ruling My Life? (Kardashian Hollywood Game)

What is she wearing?! Who cares, she's making bank!

What is she wearing?! Who cares, she’s making bank!

So, Kim Kardashian has been my girl for the past week. I was looking for a new game in the App Store and stumbled upon the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, and downloaded it for free! I am not a fan of the Kardashians, mainly because I don’t really understand why they are famous. I downloaded the game just to see how dumb it was– I was pretty bored. A week later, I crave just¬†one¬†more energy to complete my appearance, I need 20,000 more followers! I never thought I would be so infatuated with this game that I would wake up at four in the morning to play for a few minutes.

I take it as a challenge to download and play the newest game that is blowing up completely for free. And so far I have been successful, but I am only a B-lister and all the cute clothes cost so many K-stars! I really am hooked on this game though! A minute ago I actually stopped writing this post to play for a couple of minutes..Ha ha! I, like many of all of you who are addicted to this game, find this other celebrity life so fulfilling! And I have a few reasons why.

  1. This is a gimmick to make money. You need a certain amount of energy to complete a date, photo shoot, or party no? Same thing with money to purchase lavish beach houses and mansions and the dang K-stars to get that beautiful dress. When we players run out of energy, it takes¬†forever¬†to wait for the energy to stockpile enough to do anything else! One time, before I found out about clicking bushes and signs for a little money, I was stuck in Beverly Hills because I literally had no cash to take the bus to work at So Chic! What the heck?! So, I’m going to spend my hard earned money on something that will give me satisfaction for five seconds until another problem arises?! Don’t think so, buddy. It’s all about having fun until the “free” part is revoked and your left either waiting or spending real dough, and waiting three hours until Simon calls me because I don’t have enough charm stars to blow takes me on an obsessive roller coaster ride!
  2. It’s real enough for us to imagine this must be what it’s like to be an actual celebrity. We all know that celebrities in real life have photo shoots and red carpet appearances, because they have to entertain us! Celebrities only make up about 1% of America’s population (I read that somewhere..), so almost none of us really knows what it is like to be a celebrity! We recognize the events, virtues, and personalities that the public holds to the celebrity generalization. Not every celebrity gets chewed out by another celebrity that goes viral, not all of them date around and have 22 different boyfriends within three years, and not every celebrity is a bitch to everyone! We just recognize certain instances with celebrities like these, and assume that this is what all celebrities’ lives are like. Ignorance is bliss in the terms of this game!

    Beverly Hills... That's where I want to be!

    Beverly Hills… That’s where I want to be!

  3. The classic concept of¬†gratification.¬†The one thing about this game is the concept that it engages you enough to believe that the avatar is really¬†you. You get to dress however you like, down to makeup, hair, and accessories. Players love having that free reign of customization, I know I do. It’s also the little things like picking your own name that shows up on Willow Pape’s and Kim’s Twitter, and the Top Stars board. And it feels great when gaining a few thousand followers for all that hard work. It really is that gratifying, whether you realize it or not. This concept is the goldmine of video games, for example the Sims franchise. I’m addicted to the Sims, and if you think about it, the game never really changes. You customize a Sim or two, they get a job/have some sort of income, get raises, have kids, retire, and die. It’s the same cycle over and over again, but with each game developers tweak it just so it keeps our interest.

    We <3 customization! Or Kustomization..

    We ‚̧ customization kustomization!¬†

Wow, I wasn’t trying to make Kim Kardashian or the general public look bad or dumb or anything, that was just my analytic side coming out. I just had to stop and think about why this game is so popular and made so much money! Kim will probably make¬†about $85 million in profits from this game, according to Forbes. So, I thought about why I liked the game so much. I genuinely¬†like this game and I hope there are more like it. I’ll be a player as long as it doesn’t literally take over my life, and doesn’t suck my paycheck dry.

[REVIEW] Ed Sheeran’s Album x (Deluxe Edition)

x by Ed Sheeran, released  June 23, 2014

x by Ed Sheeran, released June 23, 2014

Ed Sheeran’s relatively new album is one of my favorite albums, ever. That means something, I bought his album because I liked all of his singles he has released-I don’t even buy whole albums. There is just something about this album and Ed’s voice, that I’ve been playing this whole album everyday for the past week! This album shows different sides and styles of Ed Sheeran. The music genuinely reflects his talent and the emotions he expresses.

Honestly, it took me a while to buy his new album because I contemplated whether I, stingy person that I am, would be wasting my money. Let me tell you that it was worth the $12.99 I paid on iTunes for it! I personally enjoy music that is popular, but doesn’t sound like dead-beat, repetitive club music. Don’t get me wrong, I love Katy Perry too. But after the fifth time I’ve heard her song on the¬†same¬†radio station in one day, I don’t like that song anymore. Ed Sheeran’s music doesn’t get radio overkill, but is still requested enough for me to go: “That’s my song!” Also, his music doesn’t sound like everyone else’s. Throughout¬†this album, it sounds like Ed is right here in the room, playing acoustic and singing to me. His voice sounds that clear! His style is cool, relaxed but emotional; as if he is performing at your local coffee shop. This is what makes his voice so soothing and attractive to me.

Ed! My new favorite person.

Ed! My new favorite person.

One of my favorite songs!

One of my favorite songs!

Sheeran’s album x¬†illustrates a few different textures of his performing range. There are a few of his signature style songs, warm and sweet, such as “One”, “Photograph”, “Afire Love”, and “Thinking Out Loud.” But, he also tells of bittersweet memories in “Don’t”, “Nina”, “Runaway”, and¬†“Even My Dad Does Sometimes.” ¬†The most interesting part to me though, is when Ed Sheeran showcases his rap/hip-hop style in “The Man” and “Take It Back”. I think he makes it work; it’s not uncommon that songs have both rapping and pop sounding parts, and that’s exactly how he executes these songs. Sorry One Direction, but I think true talent is shown through a range of not only vocals, but styles of music. I love this album because, like my favorite dish Chicken Parmesan, it possesses warm but saucy layers of flavor.

I’ll admit that I haven’t even bought Ed Sheeran’s album¬†+,¬†so my opinion is just based on this album and the other singles that I have bought. I don’t think you should call yourself a fan if you’ve only heard two of their songs, but I will say that I am a fan of this album and I am really starting to like Ed Sheeran. I’ll probably be purchasing Ed’s older work pretty soon, and I will anticipate his future releases too. All because I liked this album so much. Ed Sheeran is just talented, especially for being young, and he isn’t like other male artists. Keep cranking em out Ed! ūüėČ