Is it REALLY that hard to tell someone we like them?!

Girls, especially, why can’t we just admit it when we like a guy? I know it’s a risk you’re taking, with rejection as a possible outcome and all. But, really, if a guy has “I like you baack!” written on his forehead, why can’t us girls let him know?!

Coming from a girl who is very proud, I’ve only admitted that I liked a guy to him once. Meaning, the literal words “I like you”, came from my mouth directly to the guy himself. The rest of them either found out from my friends (believe me, they’re the first to know), or just assumed that I liked them. By the way, DO have the “I like you, you like me?” conversation that way both people are on the same page. I know, I’ve had that problem several times. Anyways, it’s soo bad that I never tell guys how I feel. It would be one thing if I never had these feelings for guys, but I do, all the time and I’m too damn proud to admit it.

I’ve been reading a book (which I recommend it’s funny!) about how this guy makes it to 25 years old without ever having a girlfriend. He had plenty of girls that he had potential relationships with, but none of them ever worked out. The book is called We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist, if you’re interested. Josh is a leg amputee, a YouTuber, motivational speaker, skier, as well as an author, and an attractive guy on top of that. Wow. So I bet you’re wondering why didn’t this guy have any relationships for the first 25 years of his life? I’m over halfway done with the book and most of the time, he and the girl liked each other but… he never knew that she liked him! Come on, girls!

I feel like this happens all around the world, every hour, every day. What seems like obvious signals to us girls means nothing to guys, just based on Josh Sundquist’s perspective as he retells the stories about each girl! We need to up our game, girls. And I am not excluded in this! Poor guys, trying to muster up the courage to ask us out, when they’re not even sure if we think of them as more than a friend. I have a solution: the girl just bites the bullet, walks up to him and says, “Dude, I like you.” That’s all we gotta do. After that, he can do one of two things. He will decide he wants something with you and talk to you about it, or he will decide he doesn’t feel that way about you. I know the most cliché thing to say is, “Well at least you don’t have to worry about him finding out now.” But, what about his reaction?

I sincerely believe that no guy is going to jump back three feet when you tell him. Why? Because most of the time, if you’ve given any signal, he will have the feeling that you do like him. He’s also not going to say anything like “Why would you like me?!” or something like that because at my age, getting “I like you” is a compliment. I just told you I think you’re hot, funny, smart, and sweet enough for me to become infatuated with you. I mean, you’re welcome. So I feel like if us girls just simply let him know, so he doesn’t have to do EVERYTHING, he can be reassured to make the next move and every move after that. I feel like we should at least throw a guy one bone and admit that we like him first. And if he responds very rudely, then you know that he would be an asshole in a relationship. And that karma’s a bitch.

So there y’all go, nice and/or shy guys, I feel you. Honestly, I’ve had guys tell me that they like me and I don’t feel the same, but I appreciated their honesty. I felt better that the tension was cut and we were out in the open with each other. I hope this has pumped you up reading this as it was for me when writing this post. I am so tired of waiting on him to see if he really does like me for real or not. I’m going to let him know, like it’s not going to be a big deal. If I can do it, so can you. Stop your excuses!!

Check out Josh Sundquist’s website here! Read one of his books!


Ya Know What? 15 things I’m going to do in 2015.

I know, I know. It’s so cliché that I’m super motivated at the beginning of 2015. A new year, a new me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m not claiming that I am a changed person or am going to change necessarily, but I need to get some shit done this year. I’m going to be 18 this year, and I’ll be graduating high school and going to college. So, it’s kind of a big year for me but I’m so excited! I have a few goals already off the top of my head, from big to small. I hope I can inspire some of you guys do make a list of 15 things you’ll do this year too!

1. Get a job.

2. Start my credit account and get all my savings straight.

3. Lose at least 20 pounds.

4. Save more money.

5. Continue to improve upon my knowledge by reading at least 20 books of various genres. And other stuff yet to come to mind.

6. Improve my overall health, as far as exercising and eating well.

7. Genuinely try my best at my freshman year of college.

8. Find some new friends at college. Friends that will support me.

9. Have more fun by being more social, and not worrying about stuff.

10. Stop worrying SO much. Everything is going to be alright.

11. Update my look, my clothes specifically, to look older and sophisticated. But not too old.

12. Try to appreciate the people who do so much for me everyday.

13. Pick up after myself more. I need to keep my room clean, wash my dishes, and wash my own clothes and sheets.

14. Take care of myself. Take a hot bath every once in a while, get out there and do what I enjoy doing, put makeup on and do my hair so I feel more confident in public.

15. Find a relationship that I want to be in and that I will enjoy. I need a guy that is caring and protective of me from people who might try to hurt me. And other things, but I don’t want to write a novel.

That got waay deep, but all of it was more or less true. I bet a lot of you can relate to some of these. I honestly feel like I’m ready to take on a lot of these things, I’m ready to take 2015 by the horns! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to taste the success of getting shit done. That’s why I said screw “New Year, New me”, and I say “Ya Know What? Imma do these 15 things and get myself somewhere in life.”

I ain’t got time for that!

Have you ever been so busy that you don’t have time to take a breath? When you feel so overwhelmed that you want to cry but you don’t even have time to do that? I feel like this at some point at least once a week. I’ve even named it “The Breaking Point” because I am so stressed leading up to it, then break down, then I get over it. Why do I have to break down every time before I realized that my meltdown did nothing but waste more time, which is the reason I broke down in the first place. It’s a never-ending cycle. I need to stop this habit and avoid getting too stressed about nothing. It’s only a matter of time when you stress out so much that you need a release. It’s like in the song “Shattered”: “How many times can I break til I shatter?”

Stress is definitely not healthy when it comes in abundances. There’s no way one can completely eliminate stress, because it’s human to be a little stressed. We all have goals, expectations, and motivations to live up to don’t we? But I have a serious problem, my whole life revolves around getting everything done and being the best at it. I lose sleep over things other people wouldn’t bat an eye at. It’s ridiculous and sad actually because it gets to rule my life instead of me. I am a perfectionist, therefore I want to do everything possible and also do it 110%, and it bothers me if I don’t.

My problem is that I worry too much. Worrying too much is not good for you as well as not worrying enough. I know, now you’re wondering “Well, what amount is just right?” I say that if it doesn’t affect your daily life to the point where you are afraid of failing at anything like me, or on the other hand, you are failing at everything but don’t really care, you’re fine. If your stress does affect you a little more than “I’ll get it done, I plan to do it tomorrow,” then it is concerning. My main point is that stressing out about everything or nothing at all hurts you more than it helps. And we, in our busy lives within a fast-paced society, don’t have time for any setbacks!

So, here’s to taking a break every now and then to keep your sanity. It’ll help you more in the long run to be more productive.

You be judging

I’m done with you
And your superfical shit
Judging rules your world
And I’m not going listen to it anymore

You literally judge me
Every single day
And always have something to say
About what’s wrong with everybody else

Why can’t you just leave it alone?
Let that kid be weird
At least he’s being himself
Kinda like how you aren’t

You’re jealous that’s why
You think by hiding your flaws
You will look better than everyone else
Well, guess what?

You are no different than everybody else!
You fuck up too, and you have thumbs of
Two different lengths
You are no better than everybody else, in fact you’re probably worse.

You can stay in high school, little bitch
Because that is exactly what you act like
Real people forgive those who offend us
Except when it’s a recurring problem like this

Watch your scathing words
Because they might come back and cut you
You just mad because I’m just a little better than you, through and through
But I sincerely mean it when I say “Fuck you.” 😉

Hello?! I’m speaking.

I think it’s so rude when you are talking to a person or a group and they don’t even listen to you. Like, hello, can you get your head out of your ass- it’s not a hat. This is one of the reasons I’m done with high school. I truly hope the real world will have more respectful and humble people.

I’m not trying to be conceited or anything, but I genuinely think that I am a courteous, honest, and selfless person. Sure I can be rude and selfish every now and then, but in general I hold doors to let people walk ahead of me and I am the first to volunteer for a service project, for example. No, I do not do it for self-gratification or bragging rights. I do it for the cause and the happiness it will bring to the less fortune or even someone who just had a bad day. Everybody should try to help somebody else every now and then.

Now, let me make the point that a few people do not know how friendship works. I have a friend in particular who is pretty selfish in general, but he never does anything for me! Two years after being friends, he stills owes me $15 and multiple lunches. I bought him a Christmas present once, and deodorant (I even brought it to him) when he couldn’t leave school but forgot his. I even got him a weekend job. I do so much for him, and he has done nothing for me in return. I never get invited to his parties, and he never gives me anything. I’m done with his shit. Friendship is a two-way street, buddy. You don’t know how friendship works at 18 years old, and that’s sad.

Life Struggle

Life has been getting the best of me lately, I have been struggling to stay afloat. While I am dragging to get myself to get to school, to graduate and get to college, I think to myself “why am I letting this happen to me?” I have come to the conclusion that I am not strong enough to bring myself up when life wants to drag me down. I am taking a challenge to become stronger. I don’t just mean physically, but also mentally. It’s about feeling like you’re strong, believing you are, and then acting like a strong and stable person would.

Maybe I am just looking for some sophistication here, but I really do think this is a recurring problem in my life. I am overweight, and I want to actually do something about it. I want to be healthy, and happy. I am not happy with what I see in the mirror right now, I’m going to make a change. I want to get a gym membership, and eat healthy! And that will just be the beginning of my strengthening.

I want to be a strong young adult, a strong woman, a strong heart and mind, and a strong soul. I don’t need anyone else to tell me what I should think, do, or be. I want to be on my own. I want to be who I want to be, and that person is strong and confident.

Thinking, Dreaming, and Motivating

I am feeling pretty productive today, I have achieved more in the first half of today than I do most weekends. I got some schoolwork done, checked my email, read some of my book, worked on a college application, and now I’m writing a post! Good for me, only I am not always this organized and motivated and I’m sure some of you guys need some help in this department sometimes as well. So, I decided I would share some of my tips that I follow to keep myself somewhat organized and productive!

Tell yourself to: Just do it. No excuses! Self-motivation is what productivity really comes down to. You can’t blame your dog for “eating” the homework that you didn’t do forever. If you want a change in your life, you get up and make that change. This applies to something as small as reaching for an apple instead of the Cocoa Puffs for breakfast to making the decision to go job searching. I once read on another blog I believe, that the most successful people don’t possess anymore enthusiasm and motivation than anyone else. Then how are they more successful than everyone else? The answer is that they find it within their selves to get up and get something done. I am a very hard person to motivate, I’m super lazy! But I am a self-motivator and I speak to myself all the time (not aloud), because there is at least one thing that I just don’t want to do every day! I have this problem every single day of my life, but I tell myself that life’s moments aren’t always enjoyable but if you work hard enough, the reward will come to you one day and it will be great. I’m not saying that you need to go break a world record today, but to sign up for that cooking class you’ve always wanted to do. Driving by that relative you haven’t seen in two years? Stop by for a few minutes, let them know that you still think of them. Just do it.

Keep a to-do list. I have the app called Todolist on my Iphone, it was free and I use it every day! I like the way it is set up that a can make a list and classify it as a project (I made a book list to read), and I can add “tasks” that range from when a test is to an appointment date. Just title the task and pick the day that it’s on! I like this app because it fast and easy and free, though it does have its faults. None that really bother me, but I forgot how to make a task that occurs weekly to stay on my list instead of having to edit it every week, and you can’t put the time of what the task is but I just include it in the title. If you aren’t tech savvy or just prefer pen and paper, I also keep a personal planner with me at school because we can’t have phones. I personally pretty much correlate my Todolist with my planner, except I love labeling days on the planner’s calendars, like when my birthday is and when Christmas break is! But, don’t feel bad if you have to write an upcoming date is so you don’t forget, you’ll be glad that your nephew loved that awesome birthday present and your wife is happy because you took her out on your anniversary. All because you wrote it down, and remembered!

Make a dream wall! So this is on my long-term to do list for my room! I once saw this on another blogger’s post and I loved the idea! You can just buy one of those pillow cushion boards that you can tack things on or even a whiteboard with magnets would work! And what you do is just to put photos for memories, or photos that relate to a goal you have. Also, write some inspirational quotes to put on it, or cards someone gave you, or even just notes to keep yourself motivated! Put your senior tassel, some ribbon awards, medals, or even certificates you have received for being successful! Anything you’d like to put on there. This is a great visual representation to remind you what exactly you are working for and what you have achieved. I’m so excited and can’t wait to do this!

Here's a cute one I stole off the internet!

Here’s a cute one I stole off the internet!

Have a place for work, and a different place for play. I don’t know if you have heard of this before, but there is this idea of having one particular place to work (a desk for example) and another to spend your free time, such as your living room. This keeps you from goofing around where you work, and working where you play. It is an act of discipline, and I know I need to jump onboard. We cut ourselves a little bit of slack, and next thing we know we’re cleaning crumbs from our keyboards or typing the words of a song into our essay. It is said to make your more productive and to eliminate distractions, and you’ll also enjoy your free time more!

There is just a tidbit of tips that you may consider taking up if you are on a motivational kick lately, like me. In fact, I’m so motivated I want to see how many books I can read each month! So if anyone would like to comment any suggestions, I am a big science fiction fan along the lines of futuristic societies (love The Hunger Games, Divergent, Matched trilogy, love The Giver so far!) and I also like Harry Potter, any Rick Riordan, and just random sort of nonfiction books like The Bell Jar. I appreciate your time, and your suggestions if you leave me some! Even if you would like me to recommend a book to you, I can certain try, especially if you have the same interests as me. Thanks guys and a bubbly Monday to you! 🙂