Faith, Peace, and Hope are Synonymous

I stand in a sea of human masses
To divert my mind, I made feeble passes
My heart is pieces of glass
But I must save this peace for last

Faith bores into our souls
Or so I’m told, I’m forced
To choose a side in a fight I don’t believe in
I don’t believe in much anymore

But hope is worth striving for
Dreams are to live for
For now I’ll sit silent, pondering choices I shall make
Our endeavors wait until we wake


Why do I always dream that my clothes are off?!

At least a few times a week, I have a dream that I’m doing something that I would do in my every day life except I’m missing a piece of clothing. Why?! I have kept a dream log for a school assignment for the past eight days, and I was missing clothes twice! I mean, I joke about taking my clothes off with friends and stuff, but I don’t think I’d actually have the nerve to do it in public. What does my dreams mean? Am I going to be pantsed soon? Does anyone else have these kinds of dreams?

I’m not so sure this post has a point, I guess I just wanted to get a laugh from you guys. 🙂 Maybe I’ve been influenced subconsciously by Kim Kardashian’s buns, hun!