Wonderful colors wash my face
Whenever you’re around
You’re eyes are the only ones
I can see my happiness

Singing out the melody
Of the day in
Keep me warm as the tides
And the sun fades

I reach for a touch
I need something tangible
I see you, and I’m reaching
But we’re┬ájust too far apart

And now the tides
Have come to stay
And I’m just drowning,
Drowning away

I wish that I could
Tell you that I need you
But maybe you
Wouldn’t care anyway

I’m just drowning
In my own agony,
But perhaps one day
We will meet on the same wavelength.



Photo by Connor Franta.

Photo by Connor Franta.

Nature’s prisms
Clear the skies
My black little box
Of secrets

Pandora is calling
Burn down the city
Only a dreamer would say
“Love’s a mile away”

My secrets hide
All human faults and pride
As the stars faded
Wondering while I waited

Why the stars didn’t align
I see until the end of time
Anticipating my final call
When nothing happened at all