Is it REALLY that hard to tell someone we like them?!

Girls, especially, why can’t we just admit it when we like a guy? I know it’s a risk you’re taking, with rejection as a possible outcome and all. But, really, if a guy has “I like you baack!” written on his forehead, why can’t us girls let him know?!

Coming from a girl who is very proud, I’ve only admitted that I liked a guy to him once. Meaning, the literal words “I like you”, came from my mouth directly to the guy himself. The rest of them either found out from my friends (believe me, they’re the first to know), or just assumed that I liked them. By the way, DO have the “I like you, you like me?” conversation that way both people are on the same page. I know, I’ve had that problem several times. Anyways, it’s soo bad that I never tell guys how I feel. It would be one thing if I never had these feelings for guys, but I do, all the time and I’m too damn proud to admit it.

I’ve been reading a book (which I recommend it’s funny!) about how this guy makes it to 25 years old without ever having a girlfriend. He had plenty of girls that he had potential relationships with, but none of them ever worked out. The book is called We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist, if you’re interested. Josh is a leg amputee, a YouTuber, motivational speaker, skier, as well as an author, and an attractive guy on top of that. Wow. So I bet you’re wondering why didn’t this guy have any relationships for the first 25 years of his life? I’m over halfway done with the book and most of the time, he and the girl liked each other but… he never knew that she liked him! Come on, girls!

I feel like this happens all around the world, every hour, every day. What seems like obvious signals to us girls means nothing to guys, just based on Josh Sundquist’s perspective as he retells the stories about each girl! We need to up our game, girls. And I am not excluded in this! Poor guys, trying to muster up the courage to ask us out, when they’re not even sure if we think of them as more than a friend. I have a solution: the girl just bites the bullet, walks up to him and says, “Dude, I like you.” That’s all we gotta do. After that, he can do one of two things. He will decide he wants something with you and talk to you about it, or he will decide he doesn’t feel that way about you. I know the most cliché thing to say is, “Well at least you don’t have to worry about him finding out now.” But, what about his reaction?

I sincerely believe that no guy is going to jump back three feet when you tell him. Why? Because most of the time, if you’ve given any signal, he will have the feeling that you do like him. He’s also not going to say anything like “Why would you like me?!” or something like that because at my age, getting “I like you” is a compliment. I just told you I think you’re hot, funny, smart, and sweet enough for me to become infatuated with you. I mean, you’re welcome. So I feel like if us girls just simply let him know, so he doesn’t have to do EVERYTHING, he can be reassured to make the next move and every move after that. I feel like we should at least throw a guy one bone and admit that we like him first. And if he responds very rudely, then you know that he would be an asshole in a relationship. And that karma’s a bitch.

So there y’all go, nice and/or shy guys, I feel you. Honestly, I’ve had guys tell me that they like me and I don’t feel the same, but I appreciated their honesty. I felt better that the tension was cut and we were out in the open with each other. I hope this has pumped you up reading this as it was for me when writing this post. I am so tired of waiting on him to see if he really does like me for real or not. I’m going to let him know, like it’s not going to be a big deal. If I can do it, so can you. Stop your excuses!!

Check out Josh Sundquist’s website here! Read one of his books!


My Favorite Young Up-And-Coming Artists of the Year!

Martin Garrix looking fresh.

Martin Garrix looking fresh.

Shawn Mendes. BTW, I think they're all cute, even if he's a year younger than me :)

Shawn Mendes. BTW, I think they’re all cute, even if this one’s a year younger than me 🙂

I have three guys in mind that I wanted to post about because I have been loving their music! These artists you may have heard of, they’re gaining popularity super quickly! These teenage artists have made their break and I am sincerely impressed: Martin Garrix (18), Troye Sivan (19), and Shawn Mendes (16)! I included these guys ages because they are around my age and I just couldn’t imagine being in their shoes, especially at their level of talent. I know, some of you are probably rolling your eyes thinking ‘Another Justin Bieber or One Direction’ type of thing. But my argument is that their music is different from most other pop music, they are telling a story applicable to everyone’s lives through their music. I actually am not a fan of Justin Bieber or One Direction, I get their songs stuck in my head (but who can blame me after the 1,000th time its been played), but I don’t genuinely enjoy their music.

Troye Sivan (probably from a few years ago)

Troye Sivan (probably from a few years ago)

I love these boys voices, and Martin’s DJing since that’s more of what he does. I have listened to both Troye’s EP “TRXYE” and Shawn’s EP “The Shawn Mendes EP” on repeat, especially tracks “Happy Little Pill” and “Life of the Party”. I believe these guys can actually sing. Troye has a YouTube channel (that I subscribe to and love), but I’m not sure if Shawn does. Shawn Mendes’ “Life of the Party” actually reminds me of Gavin McGraw’s “Not Over You”, which is a good song and artist! I haven’t given Martin Garrix as much love because I honestly haven’t delved into his music too much more besides “Animals”. I included him in this post not only because I do look forward to him releasing more music, but because I see the potential in all three of these guys and they are all in the same age group. Our generation is growing up, and no matter what anyone else may say, we have talent, aspirations, and ambition. I’m so proud of us ’90’s kids. ❤

If you haven’t heard their music but are curious: you can find each on iTunes or I like to listen to the full EPs on YouTube!